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The Spirit of Grenada

There’s something very important to be learned from the Grenadian people. A lesson about seeing and accepting the inherent joy in life, no matter what comes your way. It’s a lesson that’s easy to preach and hard to live by, but we think a little rum at the end of the day is one small step towards it.

As you enjoy our rum, wherever you are, take a moment to do only that – enjoy. Let everything else wait for a while.

We’ll be doing the same.

The Williams Family.

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Sponsors of Lendy Cowes Week 2017

What a week! Lendy Cowes Week 2017 was an absolute roller-coaster ride for us. We’ve been rushed off our feet but it’s been very much worth it.

Read our re-cap blog here.
Photo credit: Paul Wyeth


Lendy Cowes Week Official Sponsor


Smooth and mellow. Great for cocktails and mixers.
We love it with ginger ale and a slice of lime.

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Silky smooth, effortless to drink.
Try it with plenty of ice and coconut water.

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Robust, textured, interesting. Great with tropical mixers
or as a winter warmer with ginger wine.

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RUM NO. 10

Our magnum opus. Best enjoyed on the rocks or with club soda.

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"There’s naught, no doubt, that calms the spirit so much as rum and true religion."

- Lord Byron, Don Juan -


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