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In Search Of Westerhall's Grenadian Soul

Back in May 2015, we sat down to have a re-think about our rum.

Westerhall was winning taste tests left, right and centre. It was being invited to host Cowes Week and was impressing cocktail-makers all over with its unique flavours and aromas.

But we found that we couldn’t get the distribution we needed for more people to enjoy Westerhall, and we realised that was because we weren’t showing off our roots, our heritage, our special connection to Grenada. In terms of look and feel we were just like the rest, even though we were better in terms of taste.

We looked around the island, absorbed the culture, and had a real think about what it is that makes it so special. We read deeply into the history of the island and tried to tease out what makes the Grenadian people so special.

The island has a particularly violent past. Turbulent, full of revolutions and conquests, the people who have lived there for the past few centuries have been through a lot.

We think that’s the secret. So much change has led to a peaceful, easy-going and fun-loving nature that’s clear to all who visit.

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Grenada’s famous Spicemas carnivals feature extensive sections devoted to dressing and performing as demons, devils and all manifestations of evil. But really, the message is to take it all on your stride. To take the bad with the good. The devils of Devil Mas are playful, with nothing more sinister in mind than dabbing a bit of paint on any who get close enough.

We took what we found and channelled it into how we wanted to present Westerhall. Our brand is now heavily inspired by Grenada, its colours, its people, and its culture. Now, Westerhall is about enjoyment without pretension,. It’s about, for just a moment, forgetting everything else and savouring the day.


Granadian Street Party

Cottons Rhum Shack

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